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The best thing about a portrait is that it never changes, even when the people in it do. I am so thankful to have photographs of my late father on my alter and to be able to look back on my adventures of far away places + friends who I might not see ever again. 

Capturing my community in the elegant light they deserve with dignity and beauty is what I want to do as a photographer.  

Portraiture has allowed me to hold space with time for reflection and for people to be their purest self.

I would not be me without my camera and the perspective it gives me grows me. 

I hope to create photo magic with you soon. 

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My Background

I am Xicana Photographer + Artist based in the Mission District of San Francisco, California.​

In 2009, I established Artillery Art Gallery + Studio San Francisco. 

My practice is based on creating portraits that empower + reflect diverse communities. Striving to work with individuals that are passionate about their way of life. This collaboration is key in transforming the vision into the bold photographs that represent the photographer and the individual. 

Create with LexMex, in the studio + around the world.  

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